Sunday, 21 June 2015


I guess there's just something about Sundays that feels really lazy and relaxed. I finished my GCSEs on Friday at 13:02 (yes, I remember the time!) so with no more revision to do, I had a choice of what to do today! Ooooh, exciting ;)

As it's World Yoga Day, I followed this routine, and despite falling over and hitting my head a few times, I quite enjoyed this, and some of the stretches I got were very good. I think next time I do some yoga for flexibility, I should do some more cardio beforehand to get a bit warmer.

Also, I didn't realise that yoga raised your heart rate so much! Mine was going really fast by the end; it must have been pretty brutal ;)

Anyway, afterwards, I practised my headstands without the use of a wall (for the first time) and actually held it for over 30 seconds at one point. This was between falling over and getting too tense; I found that I held it best when I was relaxed and really spread my weight over my arms, and of course, breathing slowly and deeply.

I wanted to take pictures in this pose, but didn't trust the timer; instead I videoed my attempts and took screenshots. Obviously, the quality isn't great, but at least I captured the moment.

You can see my successful headstand, some earlier attempts, and various other poses such as cobra, up-dog, cat and cow. I'm still buzzing! I intend to continue my yoga practise to hopefully improve my headstand this week. Next Monday I'm heading off to Wales on NCS! That's all for today :)

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