Thursday, 27 August 2015

back at it

Over these past two days I've decided to get my booty into gear and get back into working out. Of course, I want to document this :P

Weds 26th:
1. Quick Cardio Warmup - I used to find this much easier than I did today; hopefully it will get a little easier as I build my fitness back up!
2. 10 Min Ab Sculpting WO - I had to take a couple of breaks in this, struggled here too!
3. Abs in a Flash - I actually really enjoyed this one, even if I didn't have space to do the last starfish-style move.
4. 6 Min to Sexy Thighs - again, I did all except the windshield wipers, so technically I guess I only did about half of the video, but I really don't have any space:(
5. Turbo Toned Arms WO - ohmygosh I love this! Haven't worked my arms in so long and this is so great; both an awesome workout and such a pretty new setting!

Thurs 27th:
1. Quick Cardio Warmup - I found this a little easier than yesterday, but it still warmed me up plenty!
2. Turbo Toned Arms - seeing as it's arm day and I enjoyed doing this video so much yesterday, why not do it again?
3. Back Attack! - this is my favourite back workout, I really should do it more often.
4. 6 Min to Sexy Arms -  definitely another old favourite that reminds me how unfit I am now!

In addition, my abs hurt so good today! I really can't wait to see progress, but I think this is all about enjoying the journey to fitness too. And recently, I've also been enjoying some yoga too. I even tried my first ever hollow back handstand yesterday!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


A little over a month ago, I pulled my left hamstring, just above my knee. Ever since, I've kept it rested, and so it now feels a whole lot better. Not perfect, but usable. Today, I did some garden yoga to start feeling a little stretchier, and my splits have changed quite a bit over this time off.

In the dance classes at the start of the holidays, after I pulled my ham, I stretched my right side more. Now I am more or less flat in my right leg splits, whereas before I wasn't quite there.

My left splits, however, have gone from flat to not, as if they've swapped with my right splits. I didn't take a picture, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Finally, I think I'm a little closer to my middle splits! Check them out :)

I'm immensely proud of myself for these last ones, as I've never been this close before! Thanks Hannah for inspiring me to keep pushing!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

quick little update

So tonight I don't really have time for much at all, except a scribbled little post about what I've been up to recently. It's fair to say that I've just been resting since NCS has finished, even with a couple of little naps, which I never normally do!

On Saturday I had:
1. Ballet (30 mins)
2. Little ballet (30 mins)
3. Pointe (30 mins)
4. Soft pointe (30 mins)

Yesterday, I did/had:
1. 4 mile walk home from town (it only took 50 mins, which I'm so proud of!)
2. Street dance (1hr)

And today:
1. Contemporary (1hr)

While I haven't been very active this week, last week wasn't too bad. I'm going to write a lot more about it in an NCS post soon, but we did a lot of walking and also 5 hrs of Zumba for a Zumbathon on Thursday! I've found my love now; I love shaking my hips in the Zumba routines ;)

Team Perham in fancy dress for the Zumbathon!

With Gaby, Brittany and Maz before the Zumbathon

Monday, 13 July 2015

putting on weight

I think it's fair to say that I've been eating pretty unhealthily while I've been away. Lots of carbs to keep me going, lots of biscuits and sweets and very little veg. Aside from making me feel a bit chubbier and more bloated, pulling out the scales this morning told me what I'd been fearing. I've put on 4lbs, which feels like a huge amount! Another factor that might be the decreased amount of water I've been drinking while on NCS, although I don't know how much that affects anything.

This being said, I've logged back onto Blogilates and done some pilates today. I pretty much followed the calendar but switched up one of the cardio videos for the new abs video. Let me share:
1. 8 Min Home Cardio
2. Abs in a Flash
3. 8 Min Abs and Obliques
4. Lower Belly Flattener
5. Street Dance (1hr)

On top of all this, I've drunk 2985ml of water today, which is hugely more than I've drank recently; hopefully this will start to flush out all of the rubbish I've digested recently. Anyway, that's it for today, I need an early night before NCS Week 3 tomorrow!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

NCS part one

So yeah, the title kind of says it all. This post has been a long time in the writing, due to having such a busy couple of weeks. On Monday 29 June, I set off to Conwy, Wales for week one of NCS. It was the first time I'd ever been to another country without my family, so needless to say, I more than a little nervous.

During that week away, I met so many new people from my area and together we took part in activities that pushed us both physically and mentally. Now, so that I don't forget what we did, I'd like to write a little about what we did each day.

Monday 29th
Upon arriving at the college, the day's tasks began. These included ice breaker games with the whole Wave (all 60 of us) then with our teams of 12, followed by the coach journey to North Wales. In the Wave ice breakers I became friends with a girl called Gaby, who is such a lovely girl that I'm yet to take a picture with.

My team is Team Perham, the one focused on sports, along with two girls I know from school. Gaby's in Team Sabesan, which is the photography team that was my second choice of activity.

At our accomodation in Conwy, I was in a room of six girls, but luckily another girl from school was in there too.
That evening consisted of many more games and activities that would help us bond as teams and a Wave. Among these was an evening review session in the tipi to make some team ground rules.

With Liv in the tipi

Tuesday 30th
Our first activity of the week was gorge walking, meaning we'd be walking upriver and climbing up waterfalls. After my initial worry, this was actually so much fun! We wore wetsuits yet I still got soaked, so I'm glad I didn't jump into the plunge pool at the end, because then I would have been even worse.

This also happened be the hottest recorded day in June for a very long time (I don't know exactly how long). Back home it was 36°C, but in Wales it was around 28°C, which made our 3km uphill hike that afternoon rather stickily unpleasant. However the view from our campsite was so worth the discomfort. I mean, just look at it.

We also had the cutest little set up for dinner. We cooked in little groups and shared out the food between us. I cooked and ate with Liv and Jack, and we sat round the corner from everyone else by the green tent in the photo above.

Our cute little dinner set-up

Wednesday 1st
This day was also an extremely hot day, due to the UK's heatwave. We ended up hiking 7km back to the hostel we were staying at, although it was mostly downhill so was actually quite enjoyable. We sang many songs and told lots of stories.

Team Perham & instructor Tom

Our team spent that evening sitting and talking in the kitchen the whole Wave shared. A few others from the other teams joined us, including a guy from Gaby's team. Somehow, the topic changed and I ended up doing his hair in a man-bun.

Thursday 2nd
This morning, I'd woken and showered a little later, so a few people were already in the kitchen by the time I went to make lunch. While I had my head stuck in the fridge, a guy called Ben said hi to me, although how he knew my name I had no idea, since I'd not spoken to him yet. Later, while heading to our meeting points, we walked outside together and created a nickname of 'Kerosene' for me. The first nickname I've ever had xD

The rest of that day consisted of bouldering and traversing rocks, and then canoeing on a lake. Unfortunately the weather had turned by the afternoon so we got pretty wet and windswept out there on the water.

Then in the evening we were tasked with dressing our mentors up as super heroes. We opted to dress Jemma up as a typical American superhero in the form of an American footballer who shot pasta from her hands to stop criminals.

Friday 3rd
On this morning I sat with Ben in the kitchen for a bit while waiting for breakfast. When we went to eat, we took a lot pictures with the girls before we had to leave.

With Ali, Nilum and Alannah
With Nilum and Alannah
With Maz and Alannah
Of course we got some of the team together too....

But yeah, that was week one, the personal challenge. I can't believe how much fun I had and I made so many great new friends! If I could do it again, I would apply within seconds!

Sunday, 21 June 2015


I guess there's just something about Sundays that feels really lazy and relaxed. I finished my GCSEs on Friday at 13:02 (yes, I remember the time!) so with no more revision to do, I had a choice of what to do today! Ooooh, exciting ;)

As it's World Yoga Day, I followed this routine, and despite falling over and hitting my head a few times, I quite enjoyed this, and some of the stretches I got were very good. I think next time I do some yoga for flexibility, I should do some more cardio beforehand to get a bit warmer.

Also, I didn't realise that yoga raised your heart rate so much! Mine was going really fast by the end; it must have been pretty brutal ;)

Anyway, afterwards, I practised my headstands without the use of a wall (for the first time) and actually held it for over 30 seconds at one point. This was between falling over and getting too tense; I found that I held it best when I was relaxed and really spread my weight over my arms, and of course, breathing slowly and deeply.

I wanted to take pictures in this pose, but didn't trust the timer; instead I videoed my attempts and took screenshots. Obviously, the quality isn't great, but at least I captured the moment.

You can see my successful headstand, some earlier attempts, and various other poses such as cobra, up-dog, cat and cow. I'm still buzzing! I intend to continue my yoga practise to hopefully improve my headstand this week. Next Monday I'm heading off to Wales on NCS! That's all for today :)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

me, running?

Upon waking this morning, I felt no soreness from yesterday's 1000 Abs Challenge. But much to my relief, as the day wore on they've become more and more sore, a feeling that I love oh so much!

Once the heat died down a little, I actually went for a run this evening! Like, I've never run out of my own free will before. I'd arranged to go with a friend last week, but now she's too busy with school, so I just took off and went on my own. I only did 1.5 km, and I guess I walked quite a bit due to stitches (typical xD) so it took around 15 mins I think, but at least now I know what I'm (not) capable of. I'd like to try the same route tomorrow and pace myself a little better, so perhaps I don't have to walk as much.

Afterwards I did the Swimsuit Slimdown again, and I really love it! It's just so intense, and I quite like all of the moves, especially as they seem to challenge the core a lot. Anyway, that's all for now, I my last exam of the week tomorrow. Goodnight! *fingers crossed that I'll be sore tomorrow!*