Sunday, 21 June 2015


I guess there's just something about Sundays that feels really lazy and relaxed. I finished my GCSEs on Friday at 13:02 (yes, I remember the time!) so with no more revision to do, I had a choice of what to do today! Ooooh, exciting ;)

As it's World Yoga Day, I followed this routine, and despite falling over and hitting my head a few times, I quite enjoyed this, and some of the stretches I got were very good. I think next time I do some yoga for flexibility, I should do some more cardio beforehand to get a bit warmer.

Also, I didn't realise that yoga raised your heart rate so much! Mine was going really fast by the end; it must have been pretty brutal ;)

Anyway, afterwards, I practised my headstands without the use of a wall (for the first time) and actually held it for over 30 seconds at one point. This was between falling over and getting too tense; I found that I held it best when I was relaxed and really spread my weight over my arms, and of course, breathing slowly and deeply.

I wanted to take pictures in this pose, but didn't trust the timer; instead I videoed my attempts and took screenshots. Obviously, the quality isn't great, but at least I captured the moment.

You can see my successful headstand, some earlier attempts, and various other poses such as cobra, up-dog, cat and cow. I'm still buzzing! I intend to continue my yoga practise to hopefully improve my headstand this week. Next Monday I'm heading off to Wales on NCS! That's all for today :)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

me, running?

Upon waking this morning, I felt no soreness from yesterday's 1000 Abs Challenge. But much to my relief, as the day wore on they've become more and more sore, a feeling that I love oh so much!

Once the heat died down a little, I actually went for a run this evening! Like, I've never run out of my own free will before. I'd arranged to go with a friend last week, but now she's too busy with school, so I just took off and went on my own. I only did 1.5 km, and I guess I walked quite a bit due to stitches (typical xD) so it took around 15 mins I think, but at least now I know what I'm (not) capable of. I'd like to try the same route tomorrow and pace myself a little better, so perhaps I don't have to walk as much.

Afterwards I did the Swimsuit Slimdown again, and I really love it! It's just so intense, and I quite like all of the moves, especially as they seem to challenge the core a lot. Anyway, that's all for now, I my last exam of the week tomorrow. Goodnight! *fingers crossed that I'll be sore tomorrow!*

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Only a quick drop-in today, no real time for much thought! While I have five minutes I'm just going to record these past few days then head off to bed, ready for tomorrow's exam.

On Monday and Tuesday, I had an hour-long dance class each night. I worked up such a sweat in both, and got flat splits on both my left and right legs each class too. Today was a great day; I had no exams so I joined my mother up town and we shopped and ate out together for the first time in ages! Even though we still live together, it was nice to do something a little girly for a change.

Tonight, I did the Quick Cardio Warm Up - as you can tell, it has quickly become my favourite! - and then the much anticipated 1000 Abs Challenge. Oh my, that was so fun!! Only took a few breaks for water! I hope I hurt tomorrow:)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

butt I don't have much time ...

After a day filled with revision for this week's exams, I squeezed in three quick videos; Quick Sweat Fat Burning Circuit, the Ultimate Butt, Back & Arms Challenge and 5 Min Beautiful Booty. I actually really loved working my butt for a change, since I've recently been focusing mainly on my abs and thighs. True, I didn't have time to push myself as far as I'd like, but hopefully I'll have some spare time tomorrow!

On another note, a friend from school has finally started Blogilates! After completing today's videos she couldn't stop marvelling at how difficult they were, which is saying something, as she's always on the go. She runs daily, does hardcore ju jitsu at least a few times a week and plays football. Oh, and she's vegan. Pretty much a health freak, eh ;)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

progress comes in many forms

Working out has become more of a sweatfest than ever here in the UK, what with this warmer weather and humidity. Even so, I managed quite a few videos after dance today. Dance involved ballet class, pointe class, helping with a ballet class, helping with a soft pointe class and joining in with a contemporary class, so it was a long day but so fun.

Back to pilates, I did the Quick Cardio Warm Up, Swimsuit Slimdown (which is incredible!), Abs in a Flash, 5 Minute Flat Abs and 6 Mins to Sexy Abs. After doing these, my abs were on fire!

Right now, I'm just having a moment. We've all had one; one day you look in the mirror and, for whatever reason, feel pleasantly shocked about something. It's as if your eyes have suddenly been opened after having them closed for the longest of times. You can't believe that you, of all people, have been able to do this. It makes you proud. And you know why you're proud? It's because you have done this. All by yourself. The old you wanted a change, started work on it, and it's finally paying off and giving you the results you wanted.

After finishing today's workout, I looked at my body in the mirror and saw shapes and lines on my stomach that weren't there before, without flexing. Sure, I doubt anyone else would notice, and they soon disappeared after I ate, but in that minute, they were there. My legs are another example. I've recently noticed that they look a little slimmer than before, and my back is also a little more toned, an observation I shared with you the other day.

I am so proud of myself for everything that I've achieved recently; I feel as if these past few weeks have created a new person out of me. Not only have I started to change my body for the better, but my whole mindset has done a U-turn. I'm sure that I've mentioned Hannah in previous posts, but maybe not too much; either way, she's for sure my closest friend. We've both recently been removed from someone's life, and in these events we've just clung together even closer than before and realised who would actually be there for us - each other.

So we looked this rather dismal part of our lives with a new perspective - what could we gain from this? We began changing little things about our lives, such as changing who we talk to and drifting from those who evidently don't care, and we've never felt more positive. Honestly, I've just felt so happy and more relaxed about exams and everything in life has become much brighter.

Tackiness and cheese aside, I must actually go and study now! I'm just so proud of Hannah, myself, and anyone else who is changing to become a better version of themselves or overcoming problems they're facing. Only we can change who we are.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


As I don't have instagram, I thought I'd post my photos for Cassey's newest challenge on here instead! I just love the idea of having new stretches to try, so I took to the garden this afternoon and did them all!

And here is the result of rolling around in the grass! It was so unbelievably itchy, you would not believe. But on looking at this photo, I can see back progress! It's so exciting!

pick up the pace

On Sunday morning I managed quite a few videos. I did the Quick Cardio Warmup again, 5 Min Flat Abs, Abs in a Flash, 6 Min to Sexy Thighs and the I Really Like You Squat Challenge. My legs were feeling tired, but I really want to slim them down and tone them some more, so it's all worth it.

Today I got home before 12pm because my exam was a morning one, meaning I was supposed to revise all afternoon. But when I sat down to do some work, I couldn't sit still, what with the 20°C+ sunny afternoon just sitting there taunting me. If I was a runner, that's what I'd be doing. Maybe go for a nice little jog. However, I am not, so I decided to just do some more pilates. 

Anyway, I did the Quick Cardio Warmup, Beautiful Body (I loved using my stretchy band!), Playa del Plank, 6 Min to Sexy Thighs (except the last move!) and Abs in a Flash. I followed this with yoga and stretching in the garden!

Also, I'd actually planned to start jogging with a friend tomorrow, but I'm babysitting instead, so I think I'm going to go for a little run on Saturday or Sunday with her in a revision break instead.