Saturday, 6 June 2015

progress comes in many forms

Working out has become more of a sweatfest than ever here in the UK, what with this warmer weather and humidity. Even so, I managed quite a few videos after dance today. Dance involved ballet class, pointe class, helping with a ballet class, helping with a soft pointe class and joining in with a contemporary class, so it was a long day but so fun.

Back to pilates, I did the Quick Cardio Warm Up, Swimsuit Slimdown (which is incredible!), Abs in a Flash, 5 Minute Flat Abs and 6 Mins to Sexy Abs. After doing these, my abs were on fire!

Right now, I'm just having a moment. We've all had one; one day you look in the mirror and, for whatever reason, feel pleasantly shocked about something. It's as if your eyes have suddenly been opened after having them closed for the longest of times. You can't believe that you, of all people, have been able to do this. It makes you proud. And you know why you're proud? It's because you have done this. All by yourself. The old you wanted a change, started work on it, and it's finally paying off and giving you the results you wanted.

After finishing today's workout, I looked at my body in the mirror and saw shapes and lines on my stomach that weren't there before, without flexing. Sure, I doubt anyone else would notice, and they soon disappeared after I ate, but in that minute, they were there. My legs are another example. I've recently noticed that they look a little slimmer than before, and my back is also a little more toned, an observation I shared with you the other day.

I am so proud of myself for everything that I've achieved recently; I feel as if these past few weeks have created a new person out of me. Not only have I started to change my body for the better, but my whole mindset has done a U-turn. I'm sure that I've mentioned Hannah in previous posts, but maybe not too much; either way, she's for sure my closest friend. We've both recently been removed from someone's life, and in these events we've just clung together even closer than before and realised who would actually be there for us - each other.

So we looked this rather dismal part of our lives with a new perspective - what could we gain from this? We began changing little things about our lives, such as changing who we talk to and drifting from those who evidently don't care, and we've never felt more positive. Honestly, I've just felt so happy and more relaxed about exams and everything in life has become much brighter.

Tackiness and cheese aside, I must actually go and study now! I'm just so proud of Hannah, myself, and anyone else who is changing to become a better version of themselves or overcoming problems they're facing. Only we can change who we are.

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