Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Only a quick drop-in today, no real time for much thought! While I have five minutes I'm just going to record these past few days then head off to bed, ready for tomorrow's exam.

On Monday and Tuesday, I had an hour-long dance class each night. I worked up such a sweat in both, and got flat splits on both my left and right legs each class too. Today was a great day; I had no exams so I joined my mother up town and we shopped and ate out together for the first time in ages! Even though we still live together, it was nice to do something a little girly for a change.

Tonight, I did the Quick Cardio Warm Up - as you can tell, it has quickly become my favourite! - and then the much anticipated 1000 Abs Challenge. Oh my, that was so fun!! Only took a few breaks for water! I hope I hurt tomorrow:)

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