Thursday, 27 August 2015

back at it

Over these past two days I've decided to get my booty into gear and get back into working out. Of course, I want to document this :P

Weds 26th:
1. Quick Cardio Warmup - I used to find this much easier than I did today; hopefully it will get a little easier as I build my fitness back up!
2. 10 Min Ab Sculpting WO - I had to take a couple of breaks in this, struggled here too!
3. Abs in a Flash - I actually really enjoyed this one, even if I didn't have space to do the last starfish-style move.
4. 6 Min to Sexy Thighs - again, I did all except the windshield wipers, so technically I guess I only did about half of the video, but I really don't have any space:(
5. Turbo Toned Arms WO - ohmygosh I love this! Haven't worked my arms in so long and this is so great; both an awesome workout and such a pretty new setting!

Thurs 27th:
1. Quick Cardio Warmup - I found this a little easier than yesterday, but it still warmed me up plenty!
2. Turbo Toned Arms - seeing as it's arm day and I enjoyed doing this video so much yesterday, why not do it again?
3. Back Attack! - this is my favourite back workout, I really should do it more often.
4. 6 Min to Sexy Arms -  definitely another old favourite that reminds me how unfit I am now!

In addition, my abs hurt so good today! I really can't wait to see progress, but I think this is all about enjoying the journey to fitness too. And recently, I've also been enjoying some yoga too. I even tried my first ever hollow back handstand yesterday!

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