Friday, 8 May 2015

ballet buddies

I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to be back at ballet last Saturday, even though I only had one week off. There's just something about barrework that I love; it might be the repetitiveness, it might just be that I'm able to move freely within the steps, with legs, feet, arms and head all playing a part in the movement.

Anyway, we worked on a number of barre exercises for our gradework in ballet class, and then in pointe we did the same, learning more exercises followed by a fun little variation in the centre. I noticed that my feet are a little stronger than before, so I was able to last a a bit longer before taking a break. It involved lots of pirouettes, posé turns, and so many more steps I can't remember the names of.

I think one of my favourites was a variation on a sissonne. Except we replaced the jump with an arabesque, and then closing the feet. When we traveled to the left, my supporting leg wasn't quite srtaight, and I wasn't quite over on my pointe. Oh well. I used my arms to try and make up for it. But when we traveled to the right, I thought my knee was also slightly bent, but apparantly not. I've been working my quads quite a  bit recently, and they've become bulkier than I remember; I think I just need to get used to them - my leg was straight after all.

On Monday, I didn't have dance class because of it being the bank holiday and all. Tuesday's contemporary class consisted of dancing our routine a lot and trying out some tricks to see if we could do them in the dance.

Since then, I've not done any workouts. Ohmygosh, I feel myself getting so lazy, but there is no time left after all the revision and extra classes at school. I have no idea what to do!

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