Tuesday, 19 May 2015

a fresh start?

I'm really in need of a fresh start. I've not followed the calendar or done any of Cassey's videos in over a month, I''d guess. Not properly, anyway. I won't be able to work out fully every day for a long time either, which is just annoying. I can feel myself grow weaker but I have to spend all of my time revising, otherwise I'll fail exams.

So on Saturday I decided to take a short while after dance off, and just do a few videos. I chose Abs in a Flash, Extreme Muffintop Crusher and the I Really Like You Squat Challenge. My legs actually died after this!

It's Tuesday now. My quads and obliques have only just stopped hurting from those videos, oh man they were tough! I had to skip dance last night and will have to again tonight. I had two exams today, and oh my life, they were pretty difficult! Especially the geography paper:( I'll just have to revise for tomorrow's physics exam tonight, there's no need to look back at things I can't change.

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