Tuesday, 7 April 2015

slightly squishy stomach

Hello there my lovelies! Hasn't today seen some more lovely weather? And also guess who hasn't been able to get out in it yet again. Clue: they're typing this and feeling rather sorry for themselves. On the bright side (pun not intended), I will get to enjoy it tomorrow, if England is lucky enough to have three consecutive days of good weather.

But today, I was able to get the ab videos done. Oh man, they hurt so bad, but also so good. For example, the HIIT video got me sweating and out of breath so fast - the first move killed me! The Criss Cross Abs in the 5 Min video killed me too.

I loved the Muffintop Shredder and 6 Min video, but Extreme Abs was so difficult. I kind of did the hollow rock (had to bend my knees today, I was shattered); in the Double Legs Lifts my quads burned and my whole legs shook like crazy! But I love the Earthquake so much. Spending so much time in it has made me realise that I might actually have to shave my legs, since it's been so warm recently. Tmi, I know ;)

Then, of course, was three sets of the arm challenge, which had added Half-Cobra Push Ups today. It was a nice addition. Anyway, here's your quote :)

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