Monday, 6 April 2015

burn baby burn

Oh, how I wish I could run, or jog, or cycle. The weather here today was so good, and we had almost completely blue skies. Alas, stomach cramps and an excess of school work meant that I couldn't really leave the house. I'm just hoping that it holds up again for tomorrow, so I can go on a walk then.

Anyway, today's videos included the 'On Fire' series, which are ever so tortuously fun. Abs, Arms, Butt and Legs. Surprisingly, the only one of these videos I've actually done before is the abs one. I can definiely see some improvements, becuase this time I can actually do the hollow rock! The other three videos, however, I've never even played, but they pushed me just right! My favourite moves were definitely the Hammy Curls from the butt video, and the Plow & Squat from the legs video.

The other video of the workout was the Spring Leaning Slimdown. I haven't worked my abs in quite a while before today (big oops!) so this felt so good! I loved doing The Wiggle, ohmygosh!

Oh and of course, I also did three sets of the arm challenge. I really like how Cassey comes up with these monthly challenges for us to complete. We can personalise them to do as many sets as we like/can, and three is fine for me at the moment.

Since I didn't post a 'body shot' yesterday, I thought it'd be a good thing to show you where I'm at now. I really want to tone up, like all over, and lose that last little bit of belly fat that's still lingering around. Anyway, here goes :)

I took this after my workout today, proud that I'd finished, especially as I'm feeling rather ill with a cold. Note that I'm flexing, but I'm still happy with the progress that I'm making! Bring on abs day tomorrow.

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